Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yo its DJ Jonsey on Thurs at 11!

one republic- all the right moves
nelly furtado- maneater
gym class heroes-cupids chokehold
boys like girls-love drunh
the killers-white demon love song
dashboard confessionals-hands down
the starting line-island
sherwood-song in my head
lady gaga- eh eh
rihanna- living a lie
florence and the machine
katy perry-if you can afford me
utada hikaru-eezy breezy
michael franti- say hey
dusty springfield-i only wana be with you
the earl november- every nights another story
jacks manequin-rescued
b.o.b- magic
the offspring -want you bad
spice girls -wannabe
ben folds five -brick
yeah yeah yeahs-heads will roll
this providence-my beautiful rescue
vampire weekend-the kids dont stand a chance
mad caddies-drinking for 11
neon trees- animal