Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Will Destroy Your City Presents: THE NNAMMYS: Best of 2010

DJ Double A & DJ Screech
Theme: THE NNAMMYS: Best of 2010

"A More Perfect Union" Titus Andronicus - Best Concept Album Based on the Civil War
"Fuck You" Cee Lo Green - Goddamn Catchiest Song
"Carrying The Wet Wood" Maps And Atlases (Request) - Best Transporting of Materials
"Daisy" Fang Island - Most High-Fives
"Waiting On The Western World" Karma To Burn (Request) - Best Alliteration
"Stand Next To Me" Bad Banana - Best Demo
"New York Is Killing Me" Gil Scott-Heron - Best Old Guy In Music
"Zodiac Shit" Flying Lotus - Best Cosmojamma
"Tightrope" Janelle Monae - James Brown Aint Dead Award for Funkiest Horn Section
"Rocket Skates" Deftones - Best Use Of Diamonds In Eyes
"Tired Climb" Kylesa - Best Metal Album That's Really An Indie Rock Album
"UFO" Torche - Mike Huckabee Will Destroy You Award For Excellence
"Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)" Black Breath - Most Colorful Breath/Best Guitar Tone
"Heaviest Bombing" Magrudergrind - Award For Heaviest Bombing
"I Can Change" LCD Soundsystem (Request) - Best Good Dance Album By A White Guy
"Bulletproof" Major Lazar & La Roux - Best Hair
"Tron Legacy Theme" Daft Punk - Best Disney Song
"Tighten Up" The Black Keys - Tightest Bros
"Shred And Transcend" No Age - Something Something Fog Award For Best Foggy Day Album
"Frozen Zoo" Tera Melos - Best Band Who's Name Is An Anagram For "A Molester"
"Threshold" Sex Bob-omb - Best Fake Band
"Grave Dirt On My Blue Suede Shoes" Dax Riggs - Tattered Clown Memorial Award
"Song 27" The Austerity Program - Best Song About Bugs Bunny
"I Want To Take You Home" The Legit - The Why, God, Why? Award For Worst Song