Thursday, November 18, 2010

SmashedRadio [Nov 18, 2010]

"Big Pimpin'" -Jay-Z
"Jizz In My Pants" -The Lonely Island
"Imaginary Place" -Bus Driver
"Stay Fly" -Three 6 Mafia
"Handlebars" -Flobots
"Positive Balance" -Immortal Technique
"Baby Baby" -Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives
"It Was Supposed To Be So Easy" -The Streets
"B.O.B." -Outkast
"Angel Dust" -Elevated
"Zeldar" -Devin Tha Dude
"A Bag Of Weed" -Family Guy
"Cut It, Stuff It, Roll It, Smoke It" -Mac Dre feat. Smoov E
"Skin Up Pin Up" -808 State & Mansun
"Might Like You Better" -Amanda Blank
"Whisper" -Alien Ant Farm
"Freaks" -GBH
"Big Women" -GBH
"In Her Fear" -GWAR
"The Hollow" -A Perfect Circle
"Embrace" -Korn
"Rotten Banana Legs" -Skankin' Pickle
"Antichrist Superstar" -Marilyn Manson
"Depression" -Alcoholika La Christo
"Neckface" -Ninja Academy
"Satisfied Means Pacified" -Caustic Christ
"Kapitalismo!" -Crispus Attucks
"The No Good People" -Driller Killer
"Spathic!!" -Melt Banana
"I Am The Lazer Viking" -Albatross
"Let's Get On With It" -Albatross
"Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots" -Albatross
"The Revolutionary Politics of Dance" -Albatross
"The Head That Controls Both Right And Left Sides Eats Meats And Slobbers Even Today" -Bleach
"Paperdoll (remix)" -Kittie