Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Will Destroy Your City Ends It's 3 Part Rock Opera

Double A & Screech
Theme: Rock Opera Part 3

"Ghost Town" The Specials
-Roy goes to pay the tab at the bar everyone's at and when he exits, the Stasky and Hutch car is there and everyone else is gone
"Evan Runs" Lyle Workman
-The devil has escaped from robot heaven and scattered Roy's friends throughout timeand the Starsky and Hutch Car is a time machine. Time machine go!
"Powerslave" Iron Maiden
-Roy goes back to ancient eygpt to get Debby, his succubus girlfriend who's task was to get a chunk of pyramid. Now they have to fight mummies
"Scott Pilgrim" Plumtree
-With the mummies desecrated, Roy needs to tell his lady friend just how much he digs her.
"Seth Runs The Track" Lyle Workman
-Travelling to the 70's to get Tony
"Super Stupid" Funkadelic
-They find Tony, their superhero buddy, up to his eyeballs in strippers. awesome.
"Waiting For Superman" The Flaming Lips
-Tony wants one more dance. So everyone's waiting for superman
"Barfight" Lyle Workman
"Shitty Future" The Bronx
-Ahhhhhhh...the future sucks.
"Paranoid Android" Radiohead
-They find Sue and he has to carve the chunk of pyramid into a baseball bat with magic runes. Sue's all sketched out and everyone calls him a paranoid android.
"Too Hot Too Stop" The Bar Keys
-TO THE PRESENT bat in hand
"Cross Roads Blues" Robert Johnson
-They meet Bukowski, their buddy. at the crossroads
"Devil's Haircut" Beck
-Bukowski looks weird. Almost like he has the devil's haircut...
"Whale Song" Modest Mouse
-Turns out, Bukowski is the devil and he blows up the Starsky and Hutch car. Debby and Sue are now both dead. Roy is upset to say the least.
"Move Bitch" Ludacris
-Tony gets out of the rubble and attacks the devil and then devil smacks him with that majic baseball bat he had the team build through time. Then he's all "move bitch!"
"Me And The Devil" Gil Scott-Heron
-Tony is now borderline dead. Roy always knew it would end up being just him and the devil
"Demon Brother" The Murder City Devils
-What a twist! Roy is an angel and the devil is his brother!
""M" Is For Morphine" World/Inferno Friendship Society
-The devil explains his motivation before their final showdown. He wants to take revenge upon the world and Roy
"Brock Graveside" J.G. Thirlwell/"Batting Practice" Souls Of Mischief
-Sue comes back from robot heaven and Debby comes back from hell (cause they control those places. Just go with it) and smack the baseball bat out of the devil's hand and Roy grabs it. Now it's time for a showdown
"Heaven Can Wait" Charlotte Gainsbourg
-The devil is dead. Roy goes to Tony's aid, cause heaven can wait for this angel
"Oliver Square" Cadence Weapon
-Roy says they have to go to oliver square. Why? There's booze and strippers there aka the only way to cure Tony
"Everthing In It's Right Place" Radiohead
-Everything is in it's right place, y'know.
"Yeah (Crass Version)" LCD Soundsystem
-Yeah! We made it through 3 improve rock operas!


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