Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LAST SmashRadio [May 4, 2011]

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"Girls" -Beastie Boys
"Beat Boy" -Die Antwoord
"Sippin 40z" -Gravy Train!!!!
"Bop Pills" -The Cramps
"Get Rid Of That Girl" -The Donnas
"The Young Crazed Peeling" -The Distillers
"This Is Good" -Black Flag
"Big Women" -GBH
"Freaks" -GBH
"Hamster Baby" -Bikini Kill
"The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist" -Propaghandi
"Nailing Descartes To The Wall" -Propaghandi
"Eat Pussy Not Cows" -Jesse Vital
"Gold Digger" -The Glamour Pussies
"Aquatic Bee" -Melt Banana
"Spathic!!" -Melt Banana
"Covet" -Jack Off Jill
"Spit" -Kittie
"Mouthful Of Poison" -Kittie
"Severed" -Kittie
"American Psycho" -My Ruin
"Made To Measure" -My Ruin
"Blood Pigs" -Otep
"Fucking Hostile" -Pantera
"Rock Lobster" -Botch
"Human Cage" -Out Of Spite
"Life Suck / WAH" -Out Of Spite
"Satisfied Means Pacified" -Caustic Christ
"Kapitalismo!" -Crispus Attucks
"Bonehead" -Naked City
"Chemical Warfare" -Pisschrist
"Pri" -Venomous Concept
"Gated Communities" -Driller Killer
"National Lobotomy" -Doom
"Min Borg Av Hud" -Skitsystem
"Solideritetens Sista Utpost" -Skitsystem
"Not Fucking Funny" -Detestation
"Class Warped" -Detestation
"Stinkerbell" -Voetsek
"Gay Shame" -Voetsek
"Nazi Fuck Off" -Voetsek
"(I'm Not) Straight Edge" -Voetsek
"No Rain, No Rainbow" -Mind Of Asian
"Burnt Out" -Tuberculosis
"Slaves In The House" -Tuberculosis
"Vendido" -Tuberculosis
"Cover The Earth In Graves" -Murderess
"Violent Reality" -Invection
"Drug Justice" -Invection
"Consistency" -Squalora
"The End Is Near" -Oroku
"Take This Job And Shove It" -The Dead Kennedys
"The Reflecting God" -Marilyn Manson