Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pretentious Hours

FAVEZIEZ! We alternated playing our favorite songs. I (Darlene) started, cos, well, I'm a huge B&S fan. Zach is too, but not as big as me. It's my second to last show evarrrr, so it's all awesomesaucey songs. Green for Dar, Blue for Zach. Hopefully someone will be as pretentious as us
Belle & Sebastian "Asleep On A Sunbeam"
David Bowie "Rock and Roll Suicide"
Jens Lekman "Friday Night At The Drive-in Bingo"
Neko Case "Star Witness"
Best Friends Forever "Tape Song"
Joy Division "Transmission"
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Dear Mr. & Mrs. Troublemaker"
Bikini Kill "Blood One"
The Cure "Play For Today"
Mirah "The Garden"
The National "Abel"
The Magnetic Fields "If There's Such a Thing As Love"
St. Vincent "The Apocalypse Song"
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down "Swimming Pools"
Defiance, Ohio "Bikes and Bridges"
Rosa "Starch + Carbohydrates"
The Mountain Goats "Up The Wolves"
Rilo Kiley "Go Ahead"
The Velvet Underground "After Hours"
Arcade Fire "Suburban Wars"
The New Pornographers "Sing Me Spanish Techno"
The Smiths "Hand In Glove"
Cat Power "He War"
My Morning Jacket "One Big Holiday" (Request!)
Interpol "The New"
The Decemberists "The Wanting Comes In Waves/ Repaid"
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb "Little Piece..."
Paul Baribeau "Better Than Anything Ever"
Sufjan Stevens "Size Too Small"
Camera Obscura "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Art Star"