Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicanos Anonymous Radio Show!

 The Chicanos Anonymous Radio Show!!!
3-21-11 10pm-12am. 

!!!- Me and Guliani Down By the School Yard (A True Story) 
My Sister's Cute- Time and Eric
Do Da DooDoo- Tim and Eric 
Berries That Burn- Tobacco 
Surf's Up- Beach Boys 
 She's A Rejector- Of Montreal 
Cincinnati Sucks- Why?
I'm in Love With A Ripper- YACHT
113th Clean- Reaching Quiet
Useful Chamber- Dirty Projectors
My Eyes Have Seen You-The Doors
Some Kind of Nature Ft. Lou Reed- The Gorrilaz
Black Cadillacs- Modest Mouse
Tura'lu - The Bollox (Request)  
  Fuckaz- The Bug 
Fluent In Stroll- Big D and the Kid's Table 
Dead Man Walking- David Bowie  
Hellicopter- Essay
 Bombay- El Guincho
When ur Around- Treasure Mammal 
Waves- J Dilla 
Love You Madly-Cake 
 Waving My Dick in the Wind- Ween
Can't Put My Finger on it- Ween
Archangel - Burial 
Do It- Darc Mind
 Dirty Glass- Why?
Monday, Monday- Mammas and the Pappas