Monday, February 14, 2011

Metal, Mayhem And Full Moons w/ DJ Wolfman

Theme For Scanty & Kneesocks- Teddyloid

Stand Up & Shout- Dio

Holy Diver- Dio

Rebel Yell- Billy Idol

Welcome Home- Coheed & Cambria

Silent Scream- Children Of Bodom

Dark Side Of The Sun- Cult Of Luna

Black Label- Lamb Of God

Blacken The Cursed Sun- Lamb Of God

The Trooper- Iron Maiden

The Number Of The Beast- Iron Maiden

Master's Apprentice- Opeth

Angel Of Death- Slayer

Castle's- Loom

Raining Blood- Slayer

Ride The Lightning- Metallica

Call Of Ktulu- Metallica

Hava Nagila- Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

B.O.B.- OutKast

True Love Way- Kings Of Leon

Molly's Chambers- Kings Of Leon

The Droid Invasion- John Williams