Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Read this chit like RIGHTNOW HOKAY?

Hey gang. This is the blog. Use it to keep track of your playlists.
The benefits of blogging your playlists are THREEFOLD. That's right, there are THREE benefits to doing this.
1) It's REQUIRED. I need to know what you're playing so we can pay for the rights to all the music that you're playing for other people (for free) at the end of the semester.
2) It helps us keep track of who's a team player and who isn't. I also like to know who's not putting their effing CDs back, because THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY. RAWR.

Lastly, and probably MOST IMPORTANTLY...
3) Your listeners might want to know what you played! That's right, people might want to know what they were listening to for that always-enlightening hour that you were hosting your show. If you mention the blog during your broadcast, people might check the blog out, and they might be like, "Oh man, that song was really good, and I'm going to go download it and contribute to DJ (your name here)'s plan to convert the entire world to their listening preferences!"

If you like auditory world domination, this is your forum. Post to it.

My preferred format for figuring out what the hell you're doing is:
Song - Artist - Album (if you know it, it's no biggie)
eg. "Junk Bond Trader" - Elliott Smith (- Figure 8)

Sound good?

Looking forward to having a great year with you guys, keep the bloggin' up, and crank your awesome dial to the MAX. We might be on FM soon, so let's keep it classy.

- Eli